Senator Kirk’s offices are calling for declarations on court corruption

Today we received an email from Senator Kirk’s offices informing us that the Senator will listen to our grievances about the corruption in the courts, and in particular, probate court, if we can put together as many affidavits as possible.

She suggested at least 25.

I already have 25, but I want more to show him the urgency of how soooo many people have been involved in cases where seniors or disaabled persons were targeted, they were forced into nursing homes, drugged, POA from kind caring relatives stripped away for no reason, and often without justification.

We NEED your input.

Call me or email me so we can put together your declarations.  We have to show the Senator’s offices your complaints and gripes are real.

They are asking fist for Illinois declarations and statements of the “elder cleansing”–“target, isolate, medicate, drain the estate, narcotize to death and cremate” but any…

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