More information on Qui Tam Actions

False Claims Act/Qui Tam FAQ
Warning regarding litigation under the False Claims Act:

The False Claims Act has one of the strongest whistleblower protection provisions in the United States. However, it has many complicated components and requirements, which can harm any person that pursues such a claim without counsel. Due to the potential for a significant financial recovery, it is usually possible to retain an attorney for such an action. If, after reviewing this section, you believe that you may have an action arising under the False Claims Act and need an attorney, please complete our Attorney Referral Service / Report Fraud Now form.

What is the False Claims Act (Qui tam)?
What Actions Are Considered Violations under the False Claims Act?
Who Can File a Qui Tam Action?
Where Should a Qui Tam Action Be Filed?
What Are the Civil Penalties Under the False Claims Act?
What Are…

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