More censorship from the ABA–aiding and abetting civil rights violations in China

As if the problems with the investigation into the ABA past president salifating to launder money during a recent 60 minutes broadcast was not enough, with no apology from the ABA or explanation, and then they pulled about 100+ comments when my suspension for (honestly) blogging about corruption in the courts in Illinois and elsewhere was not enough for them, apparently the ABA has enough clout to also pull a Wall Street Journal article on how they at first agreed to help a Chinese dissident lawyer publish a book on corruption in China, and then they went and pulled their support.

Since the WSJ article was pulled and now the ABA seems to be complicit, and you know this blog has absolutely no tolerance for any such shennagins, I have published it in full below.

No wonder why the majority of the American public has abandoned mega media and now…

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