From Ken Ditkowsky —

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Cc: Tim NASGA <>, …….
Subject: The Tom Brady case/lawyer Disciplinary cases — killing the rule of law
Date: Apr 26, 2016 9:53 PM
The Tom Brady case and the Lawyer disciplinary cases are amazingly similar.
The Post article is critical of the lawyers for not laying emphasis to the fact that Brady is innocent.      Unfortunately,  such an analysis begs the question or fails to understand the question (and the problem).     We in America have several core and basic principles that the Brady and the Disciplinary cases not only ignore, but proactively abrogate.    The presumption of innocence is not only the watch word of American jurisprudence, but,  a lynch pin of our Democracy.
What does the Presumption of Innocence mean?     It means that the plaintiff (or prosecution, or claimant) must prove his/her/its claim by the degree of evidence required by statute, convention…

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