From Ken Ditkowsky–“Probate courts have been cesspools”

To: Parris Boyd <>
Subject: Re: Cynthia Stephens suggested I send you my latest blog post
Date: Apr 30, 2016 1:30 PM
For years the probate courts have been cesspools.    I was not aware of there being a statute of limitations on the probate of a testamentary document or even the need for one.   I was aware that attempts to steal the proceeds of estates has been a national disgrace for a long time.    
When I first became a lawyer, I heard a more seasoned lawyer tell his client  “if dad dies, before you call the undertaker, get into the safety deposit box and empty it.”
When I asked the question “why?”  I was told that the undertaker put a death notice in the newspaper and the bank sealed the box – it could be reopened only…

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