From Neil Shelton: Restraining Order Abuse, false psych hold and false arrests

The “Nightmare” Neil Shelton Has Lived for Three Years and Is Still Living: A Father’s Story of Restraining Order Abuse

Neil Shelton, like Chris Mackney has been thru the ringer in his corrupt divorce case.  He has experienced Gag Orders for his postings on social media, false arrests and a false psycho hold.  Probate is not the only court where this occurs, as most of you know, there are a lot of things in common.

While Neil is from North Carolina, his complaints to the state bar went unanswered, ignored or summarily dismissed, just as we find is happening in Illinois under the tutelage of Jerome Larkin, its head Aministrator.

The following account is reported by North Carolinian Neil Shelton, a father denied access to his son and daughter for “three years now and counting.”

In his account, Mr. Shelton alleges that his sister, in collusion with his ex-wife, lied to have him…

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