From Ken Ditkowsky –No More Code of Silence from Attorneys–no more dirty secrets!

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 The legislature is doing its job.  Legislation is being passed, and becomes law.   There is dies!   The NASGA, Probate Sharks, JoAnne Denison et al blogs are busting open with horrible stories of guardianship abuse and the unholy alliance with judicial officials and the nursing home operators [and even hospitals and police!].   However, the miscreants operate open and notoriously daily railroading seniors into guardianship, liberating their savings, and finally reaching the final solution of involuntary assisted suicide. (elder cleansing)  
Here in Illinois the clout of the miscreants is so great that Mr. Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission has ruled that 1) that he, and not the Supreme Court of the…

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From KKD–filing of a new lawsuit against the IARDC

Dear Readers;

Well, the time has finally come to file a copyright lawsuit against the miscreants.  You will note that the civil rights complaint was only filed against certain miscreants–not all of them.  This is carving out what is most likely to succeed against your opponent in litigation.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t sue everyone and you decide whether you are going after a company or agency or just the employees for their wrongful acts.  Likewise, the copyright suit was only filed against certain miscreants, but that does not mean that certain others are off the hook.  If you copied large portions of my blog containing my creative works, those of KKD and Gloria and others, don’t think you are off the hook for copyright infringement, you are not.  It is very easy to add defendants once the lawsuit is filed.  For example, I note that portions that were…

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From KDD–very important case–$2.5 million verdict for atty whistleblower!

CHICAGO (AP) – A Cook County jury awarded $2.5 million to a former Chicago State University lawyer who claimed he was fired for reporting improprieties to the Illinois attorney general.
The Chicago Sun-Times reports ( ) 47-year-old James Crowley was awarded $2 million in damages and $480,000 in back pay. The jury also said CSU needed to reinstate Crowley to his position as senior legal counsel at the school.
Preston Pugh is an attorney for the school. He said they were considering an appeal and says Crowley wasn’t fired in retaliation. Instead, CSU says he was fired for misusing school money to pay for parking and directing scholarship money for friend, among other issues.
An Illinois Attorney General spokeswoman says the case may be the first whistleblower claim under Illinois’ decade-old ethics act.

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Donations Needed Today!

1) of course, funding.  you can donate at by credit card and mark your payment donation to Justice4 Every1, or you can paypal a donation to

2) Therapists.  We always have a need for trained therapists to work with our clients who have been emotionally abused and damaged by courts lacking ethics, integrity and honesty.  If you are a licensed therapist, please contact me because we are in urgent need of free therapy for some of our members. Therapists should be experienced in PTLD or Post Traumatic Litigation Disorder.

3) Office Space.  While I have a very kind lawyer who has donated desk space to me for the current time, we are looking for reasonable or low cost office space near the courts.

4) Volunteer Lawyers and law clerks.  We are looking for a system of volunteer lawyers and law clerks that can work on and research and…

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Next mission — free Mary Sykes!

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In the 1940’s one of the radio shows commenced with the words: “the path of crime bears bitter fruit”
In reviewing this claim of JoAnne and discussing it with her it is abundantly clear that Mr. Larkin (and/or his surrogates) copied her blog with the only purpose of harassing her and attempting to intimidate her.  Certainly Larkin was and is aware that the Supreme Court of the United States made it abundantly clear that government cannot regulate content based speech.  To a limited extent it can regulate commercial speech, but, the call for an Honest Investigation of the elder cleaning cottage industry is protected by the core values of America and the First Amendment.   How therefore does…

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