From the IARDC more pleadings and more rulings

Dear Readers;

After Gloria broke down and said that she did not want to provide any privileged or proprietary information, I asked the IARDC for a Protective Order, which are routinely granted, both in the TTAB and in the Federal District Courts.  Amazingly, when typically every case I’ve been involved in the parties just agree and submit an agreed Protective Order (this is actually what you are supposed to do at the TTAB), the IARDC denied the request for  a Protective Order!

This is the response from the IARDC.  In this Response Brief you will see that the ARDC never acknowledges that Gloria is a probate victim, should be given special treatment and is entitled to a Protective Order.  They go on about imaginary “violations of discovery” when in fact, this is normal and typical discovery for both sides.  If they can’t find a violation, they make one up and…

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