From Ken Ditkowsky

In 1933 a funny looking no-account rose to power in Germany and by 1936 had International acceptance was a ‘world leader.’    In Russia a similar situation was occurring.  The world was fully informed of what was going to be tagged as the Holocaust, but, nothing was done.  Today, many countries exist with hostile neighbors on all sides and our Department of State overlooks hostile acts.   Americans watch, moan a bit, and contribute money to the very people who promulgate the outrage [munitions dealers].

Elder cleansing is not a new scenario.   The Bible reports incidents, do you think that our Churches do not know that some of their congregants are victims or family members of victims?   do you think that the ACLU is not aware of cases like Mary Sykes/Alice Gore etc?   Bev Cooper, Janet Phelan, Gloria Sykes, JoAnne Denison and many others have been screaming…

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