An open letter to Mr. Lanre Amu–stand up proud and report those who overlook, engage and promote unethical and immoral behavior in the courts!

Dear Readers;

This morning, Mr. Amu provide Ken Ditkowsky with a copy of his brief to the Ill. Supreme Court.  Atty Ditkowsky expressed his disappointment that Mr. Amu didn’t mention the most important right he has — and that is to unfettered non commercial speech under the First Amendment to the US constitution.  (Sawyer, Alvarez, Citizen’s United, etc.)  Apparently some people are telling him that if he “lays low”, goes along with the program, shuts up and does not mention “corruption” or the fact his judges have public records indicating reasons for their bias, or further investigate the root cause of the corruption which he alleges–all will be forgiven.

Then Mr. Amu says he will not go on the cable TV show “Cooper’s Corner” because it would further inflame his situation with the IARDC.

NOT.  This is the road to perdition.  The slippery slope. The wedge with the edge. It’s…

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