From Gloria Sykes, her need for live Testimony on her side of the story

This is from Gloria today regarding her side of the story

Subject: Re: I’m being banned from testifying?  Or are they making it as difficult as possible?

I will be doing a LIVE testimony and people will be able to call in and ask questions after the formal testimony given. I will provide everybody with date and time- including the ARDC and Tribunal.

In America no person or animal should be tortured, deprived or otherwise handcuffed without due process and in particular by the courts meant to find justice no matter how great she hides.

My father was a vet too and although his appointments have been hero secret he had in his possession three medals if which two had to do with ‘sharp shooting’  I had found these metals and the papers which Toerpe found and destroyed as she stole and destroyed all of the writings, police reports and…

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