From Ken Ditkowsky — 60 minutes exposes Russian government corruption

And he notes the erie parallels to the elder cleansing situation here:

It is an excellent program explaining how government officials confiscated corporate ownership documents of Bill Browder, changed them  to their own and then proceeded to take income without paying taxes.  Next thing, Bill Browder and his staff are arrested, tortured and one is even murdered in a Russian jail.

Many of the instances of forging documents, hiding money, courts that don’t care and look the other way have parallels right here in the US.

Bill Browder now works in London to investigate and expose the corruption on his website.

After making his money, he has the financial resources to effectively fight, investigate and expose.  There is a warrant for his arrest, death threats and fear, he continues to expose the corruption in a hopes to eliminate it.

You go, Bill Brower!

And 60 minutes, you need a…

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