Important Announcement–Justice 4 Every1, NFP is now a 501-c-3 corporation and your donations are now officially tax deductible.

I just got the letter today.  Because of the letter, we cannot campaign for or against any candidate as a main part of our business. For that reason, please submit your posts in a format that does not identify and particular person who runs for office as a way to support them or discourage voting for them.

Of course, we are still allowed to speak the truth about what happens in court and warn people about elder abuse, it’s just that we cannot make this a main part of our business or make it look like we are endorsing any particular person who runs for office.

Reporting crimes and abuses of the system is different, and the public must be warned.

If you want a tax deduction for your contribution, you must receive a donation letter from us at the end of the year, which we will provide upon request.

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