From Jakkie Pidanick–Very Rare Audio tape of court corruption victim being harassed by state police (SLED)

Most of the time, clients are harassed and there is no recording of the incident.  This situation is rare because they client had numerous friends in the court corruption arena (including me who also forewarned and forearmed her) that once she filed a complaint in Federal Court, or filed a grievance with the attorney registration board (which she did) or filed with the judiciary discipline board, it is not uncommon to expect a wide variety of harassment and intimidation for revealing court corruption publicly.

Well, it happened.  While these state police officers insist they were contacted by Facebook, Jakkie advises me there is very heated litigation ongoing in federal court for her posting to remove her trial court judge on Facebook.  Attorney Marshall Horton immediately sent her a cease and desist letter (get this one) claiming that Mother violated a non disparagement clause in the visitation/custody court order judgment because…

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