New Recommended Book–Michigan Monsters–the story of murder of an elderly father

Best of all, if you have Amazon unlimited, it’s free.  If not, it’s a bargain at $2.99.

The book does an excellent job of detailing the harrowing end of days of one elderly man, age 72, who was in good mental health, and good physical condition.

Once drugs are dispensed, it’s an easy step to have the person declared incompetent, put in a locked down nursing home where more drugs are dispenses–and every knows (or should know), if you were mentally competent prior to taking these drugs, they will ruin your mind and body.

Psychotropic drugs are not FDA approved for those over 60 or under 20, but they are dispensed all the time to the elderly.  Up to 80% of nursing home residents are dispensed psychotropic drugs, whether they want them or need them or not.  The FDA has declared this is a dangerous practice–so dangerous that in fact…

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