And a Happy Easter to all of you out there who have been erased from a loved senior or disabled person.

I know that this past weekend was very hard on many, many children and nieces and nephews who could not see a beloved grandparent because the state has erased them from your lives, issued false protective orders, issued false directions to nursing homes, etc.– all in the name of money.

Your elderly or disabled person was sold and that was it.

In order to perfect the sale, a letter or order issued in a summary manner saying no one can visit them.

This means they can be abused and abused again and no one will know.

My heart goes  out to you at this time and I pray for healing and comfort for you.

This has happened in soooo many case in Illinois and throughout the nation, it is a disgusting, horrible situation that simply cannot be ignored.

Mary Sykes–isolated for 6 years from 20+ friends and family–no more Easters…

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