From FB: Medical Kidnap–If you don’t think there is something seriously wrong with our justice system, take a look at these horrors

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Earlier this month (October 2014) we reported the sad story of the Diegel family, who had their two daughters seized by Phoenix Children’s Hospital for disagreeing with the doctors over their treatment. We have previously reported many similar stories of hospitals using Child Protection Services (CPS) to remove children from loving parents simply for disagreeing with doctors, such as Justina Pelletier at Boston Children’s Hosptial, and Isaiah Rider at Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago.

Behind each of these stories is a link to experimental drug trials for the same medical conditions these children were suffering. This prompted a group of lawmakers on Capital Hill to introduce new legislation to stop this kind of medical experimentation on children who are seized from parents and made wards of the state (see: “Justina’s Law” Seeks to End Experimental Medical Research on Children Seized by Child Protection Services).

History of…

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