New York Law Students Criticize union busting efforts by a NYU Trustee and received subpoenas in return

And in the popular vein of if you have money and you’re the big guy, push to keep the union out of your company via nefarious means,  engage in union busting, and if law students were involved, please serve them subpoenas for all their texts, emails and faxes which refer, relate to or will lead to evidence regarding their union related activities!

See, NY times article:

Two law students at New York University criticized one NYU trustee regarding his union busting activities.  This particular Trustee also donates $1 million to the law school, but that doesn’t stop him from going after NYU law students supporting unions.

At first, the law school said they would not get involved, but then it footed the students’ legal assistance in this matter.

No courage shower there.

Other articles reveal the Trustee resigned over the hullabaloo.  His institute focused on “racial, ethnic and economic…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–Our appeal to the 7th circuit based on the First Amendment!

While the ARDC is telling everyone that attorneys do not have First Amendment rights to reveal, discuss and disclose information regarding troubles and issues in the court system, Ken has done a wonderful, wonderful job on explaining how court system issues are actually political or content oriented speech–speech which should be given the highest protection in the US under the Bill of Rights because it is essential to a free and open democracy.

This blog has repeatedly explained the difference between private trash talk (saying your married neighbor is a slut, is actionable, saying that he or she swindled someone in their business or trade when they did not is likewise actionable, and of course you cannot bully, stalk or threaten anyone with a crime against person or property, that too is actionable).

But talking about, discussing, revealing, studying and revealing and disclosing information relating to public figures clearly is…

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Up to $6 million might have been lost by a probate attorney into his own accounts

While it is very, very sad this attorney got involved in such underhanded and devious conduct to bilk the elderly and disabled persons of Arizona, he obviously isn’t as creative as the complaints we have heard from the cases of Sykes ($1 million, Gore $1.5 to $3 million), Tyler (up to $9 million) which somehow fell off of inventories and accountings through the probate court system and which are not investigated and the ARDC and the likes of CF, AS and PS work to keep it that way (see their letters to the ARDC in which they urge that attorneys reporting on corruption–myself and Ken–be disciplined while complaints against them are simply “unfounded.’  Chicago attorneys are much, much better at draining and depleting estates with the stamp  of a judge and his or her pen than this low level crook of an attorney in Maricopa County, Arizona.

I’ve just…

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Janet Phelan announces Exile–her life regarding corruption and intrigue

In the year 2000, an out of work reporter is approached by a man who is not whom he appears to be. Lured into a romantic affair with him, the reporter is soon to lose everything—her family, her home, her country and nearly her life. EXILE is the true story of Janet Phelan, who fled the US after the attempts to permanently silence her went awry. The lengths to which the intelligence community will go to cover their tracks is revealed in this memoir. The ultimate question—what is the meaning behind this grave assault on an American citizen—unfolds as the story is told.


I am going to order a copy now.  I hope that everyone will do the same, and will post a good review for her.  I hope she will also sell on ebay and


From Book patch URL:

EXILE cover image

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From Ken Ditkowsky–rereading the turmoil of what Gloria has been thru

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: May 1, 2014 9:25 AM
To: Kathie Bakken , scott evans , Don Johnson , Tim NASGA
Subject: Sykes vs Farenga et al

The January 1 letter from the IARDC refusing to investigate Adam Stern on the basis of Adam Stern being Gloria’s GAL takes on a quite different light now that the Jan 28 Farenga letter to the IARDC has come to the surface.  
I re-read some of Gloria’s e-mails of the last couple of days and have again developed some empathy for her.   What she is going through is a travesty and intolerable in a democratic society.  The January 28 letter from Farenga to the IARDC is beyond contempt.   Farenga has the temerity to brag about her unconscionable and wrongful conduct.  She details the human trafficking of Mary Sykes (de-facto court proceedings without jurisdiction), theft of property court orders sans due process or procedural safeguards, and defamation – i.e statement of…

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