From Ken Ditkowsky–response to ARDC threats to sock him with $1k in costs for a wrongful trial

If you review the Rules of Discipline for attorneys, there is a rule that the ARDC can get up to $1,000 in costs after they win.

The only problem with Ken’s case is he did nothing wrong.  The ARDC accuses him of falsely claiming to represent Mary in a letter to Dr. Patel, but they refuse to link to the letter on their blog, because the letter says the opposite.  They then say he lied about judges, but the record in 09 P 4585 is clear the court never served Mary nor her sisters and is sans jurisdiction.  This blog publishes those claims of Mr. Ditkowsky and challenges the ARDC and miscreants to support their (bogus) claims, which they simply cannot do.  It is all a facade, a house of cards.

So then we ask ourselves, why are they doing this, and we search for health care fraud, insurance fraud…

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