Blogging/note taking interference in the courtroom–EXACTLY what happens to me

It seems that a law professor had now had the same experience I have had, and IT GOT PUBLISHED IN THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE.,0,304914.story

I find it even more interesting the guy was in the military “defending our democratic rights” and espousing them on foreign soil, and little did he know that in actual practice, the bailiffs and sometimes even the judges tromp all over them.  I find it amazing when military soldiers tell me “they defend our free and democratic country”, I have to shake my head and tell them that while they are away on foreign soil spouting great words of wisdom that government should be free and open and democratic, there are powers that be in the US currently taking away those rights and they need to return to US soil and blog and protest, blog and protest first, before they need to go elsewhere.  Our Bill…

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