From a blog fan who has studied the corruption…

And just to remind everyone, if you send me something, it is nice to send it “okay to publish/post/cross post” so I can publish right away.  Also if you want to remain anonymous, I want to reassure everyone I will claim reporter’s privilege and the Illinois Reporter’s Shield Law and/or attorney confidential information.  I am prepared to go to jail to hide your identity, I don’t wear shoes with shoe laces anyway.  I prefer flip flops, if you all know (but not in the office or court).

From a person that wants to remain anonymous:

“I never thought these criminals to be stupid, I believe that they had a fairly tight organization which may have a few minor cracks.  I know from the millions I have heard about being stolen by other victims who are not afraid to talk, that this organization is well financed.  I suspect that there are some…

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