How far does the First Amendment Go? Harvard Students to Re-enact Satanic Black Mass

Now, this event will not take place in a church, but rather a pub, but it evokes a very interesting concept:  apparently the Satanic “black mass” makes fun of Mother Mary and Jesus or something like that.  We don’t really know, because the RCC and Fox News (the news agency that has suddenly become Roman Catholic (RCC), is sketchy on details but long on criticism of an event which has not happened yet, and for which details have not been released, at least not yet on

So this week we found:

I guess I found the Fox News video to be lame as usual, a stiff collared priest claiming “mockery” of Catholic Religion, etc. but with no details. So this even more lame Catholic student “Tag” just says all Catholic students are up on arms but no one else cares.  Primarily, “Tag” looks like a stuck up rich…

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