from FB: Baby Alfie is still alive after life support removed 36 hours later

Here is your update on Baby Alfie and I hope everyone is praying.

The UK courts and doctors said he is terminal and to remove life support and doctor filed affidavits the baby would not last more than 5 minutes after life support was removed.

The parents contacted a Vatican doctor who agreed to take the child and provide any and all life sustaining treatments for him. The UK courts basically said F that, we know when life is over.

Or do they?

Check out the story here:

The reality is, real scientists will tell you NO ONE on planet earth really knows when life begins or ends.  We have some grasps of quantum physics, chemistry and biology, but we are no where near the truth yet.

Baby Alfie so far has defied the odds.

So far he has shown all the alleged “expert” MD’s and for sure he’s…

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