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Justice for Everyone Blog

From GG: $3.6 million verdict against Ocwen Loan Servicing for FFDCA violations, Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, etc.


By now most of you know OCWEN loan servicing (Ocwen is New Co spelled backward after too many horrible law suits against them, the banks use “loan servicing companies” and “evictions companies” and all sorts of 3rd party vendors to avoid true liability and that should be made illegal–consumer groups, do something about this scam).  Ocwen violates laws all the time, and graft and corrupt keeps these out of control foreclosures coming and coming at consumers.

TILA laws (or Truth in Lending) laws are frequently ignored in Cook County Courts and elsewhere throughout the nation as the banks have our judges in their pockets.

Read on for one small consumer victory. But for this one, thousands of consumers have no access to competent legal assistance, their cases are routinely dismissed, while banks and “mortgage servicing companies” collect massive fine, fees, penalties.  For more information, see the Kang Lee case where…

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From KKD: Medicare/Medicaid fraud rises to $36 billion in 2017


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From VR: Court watchers/court reporter needed for Tues. April 17, 2018 9:30 am for corrupt custody case


This case involves dissipation of marital assets and the yanking away of 2 young girls from a mother that loves them very much.

The mother has not been shown to be unfit.

She was set up by her ex husband to be in another country while he got a default divorce judgment in the US and custody of 2 little girls.

Mother is heartbroken and destitute.  He dissisipated over $300k in marital assets and now makes over $250k per year.

Mother has “supervised” visitation for $100 per hour with some corrupt court room vendor.  But she has no money and no job (if you have one for her, plmk, she works sporadically when she can get work).

Please pray for Mother and girls and contact me if you can court watch on that day, the 17th at 9:30 am Daley Center.

If you are a court reporter and can donate…

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Controversial Gship: Britney Spears. Is she ready for freedom? Was she fleeced in gship like so many others?



I have to tell you, I am only asking the questions.  As most people know, 10 years ago, Ms. Spears was in the throes of drug addiction and psychosis.  We all know that.  Her parents stepped in and guardianized her and made her live in their home and disconnected drug dealers and druggie friends. While it appears this is a success story, how much did the lawyers charge?  Obviously her kids still have a mom, but at what cost?  do you think the lawyers should have helped her for free or low cost?  I do.  Then again, how much can anyone charge to save a highly talented life?  But maybe you think otherwise.

Britney Spears may soon be released from the court ordered conservatorship that was imposed upon the Mickey Mouse Club star in 2008 after she was taken to a psychiatric hospital. It has been more than 10…

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From KD/GS–Call for Court Watchers 4/16/18 at 2pm and to do justice on the 18th floor of the Daley Center


Subject: complaint against Jerome Larkin his part in the elder cleansing felonies targeting Mary Sykes 09 P 4585. – and the thefts of Gloria Sykes’ property
Date: Apr 3, 2018 7:03 PM
The fight for Justice and in particular the fight against ELDER CLEANSING/HUMAN TRAFFICKING rages on and no quarter is being given the victims, their families, etc.   So  much  money is available to steal from MEDICARE (and other Federal Health care programs) and from the elderly themselves that the incentive to continue the felonies and the assault on America’s core values is no where near ending.
Any investigator with any competence at all would upon examination of the Cook County, Illinois Probate case of Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 would be impressed by:
  1. the lack of service of summons (and in particular, the failure to serve a summons that complied with 755…

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From MG: Now is the time to get Equal Rights for Coparenting in Illinois



HB4113 has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee.  The Judiciary Committee is comprised of 10 lawyers and 1 law student (our only Co-Sponsor in the Judiciary Committee).  They are controlled by the ISBA (IL State Bar Association.

The Committee hearing on HB4113 is Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 8:00AM.  What you can do (And request everyone you know to do the same):

  1. Get on-line and create a Witness Slip as a PROPONENT.  You NEED to do this even if you have done it before.  Witness Slips do not carry over from one Committee hearing to the next.  If you are a member of any organization (IF, IFFE, WIFFE, LW4SP, NPO, CRC, whatever, list that you are with them.)  The Opponents have already started massive emails to their members.  (We always beat them in numbers; but we need to stomp them here.) (You can…

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From KKD–NY Judge arrested for stealing–get this–ladies dirty panties!


You know, I am always advocating for the testing of attorneys and judges for psychopathy and banning them from the bar.  This can be doe with a PET brain scan.  Of course if they did this, it would empty most of the disciplinary agencies that let this stuff happen and are mostly psychopaths themselves.



Suffolk County District Court Judge Robert Cicale. Photo: Suffolk County Police Department via APSuffolk County District Court Judge Robert Cicale. Photo: Suffolk County Police Department via AP

The New York Court of Appeals has suspended a Suffolk County District Court judge who was arrested last week and charged with burglary after he was caught with women’s underwear…

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