From FB: Interesting turn of events from Baby Alfie family–stand down, don’t protest, we want to work with hopsital?

The goal now of Baby Alfie’s family, having been denied the right to take the baby to Rome where Italian doctors will treat when UK doctors won’t, is now from the 21 year old father, stand down, don’t protest, we want to work with the hospital in hopes of taking our baby home.

How many times have you all heard that from DCFS, DFS, APS, the probate court system etc.–all you have to do is cooperate, stop the ralleys and protests, work with us and cooperate and then you can take your child home.

Did it work for Barbara Stone?  Nope, they’re getting ready to kill off Helen Stone as Barbara rots in prison on false charges.

Did it work for Ilwanna Lahoody where the son was promised, you can take mom home, if only you cooperate.  Well he lost his home, his $600k bank account and his mom.  I’m…

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