From the Fla Court efiling system: While Barbara Stone rots in prison on false charges, her mother is about to be quietly dispatched–by a evil court order.

Well, I guess everyone knew this was coming. Barbara Stone fought hard for her mom. She created a bunch of blogs and exposed the guardianship corruption in Florida.  For that they took away her New York and Florida bar licenses.

No surprise there.

Next, it became much more evil, with the miscreants telling her to shut up or they would kill off her mom.

I could have told her to keep on yelling, because they will do that anyway, but now we have the proof and the end is near for Helen Stone, who for sure has given up on life because they are drugging her with chemical restraints, placed her in a nursing home and she is isolated from her daughter.

Why?  because Daughter Barbara Stone one day a few years back got a day of visitation with her mom.  Her mom was already on a feeding tube laced…

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