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CONFIRMED BY ILL. SUPREME COURT– YOU ARE VIEWINGTHE MOST DANGEROUS BLOG IN ILLINOIS. This blog is so dangerous it warranted a 3 year suspension by the IARDC and Jerome Larkin that crushes the dissent of honest attorneys–Denison, Ditkowsky and Amu! Our mottos: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant". Justice Louis Brandeis ; "If the truth can destroy something, then it deserves to be destroyed" Carl Sagan; "Justice is Truth in Action" Benjamin Disraeli. The more offensive the political speech, the more the Constitution must protect it. (jmd) NEW — THIS BLOG decried subversive "misconduct" as US govt moves to crush dissident attys via the IARDC. (Janet Phelan/Activist Post) The IARDC shouts out "BLAME the MEDIA" and "SHOOT the messengers!" The public responded, "THIS BLOG IS THE ESSENCE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT." (censored ABA blog)

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From KKD: Void Judgments, Larkin perfidy, etc.


I received an e-mail that I responded to with my comments in red.    I am forwarding the words and phrases as the problem is brought forward in a very straight forward manner, to wit:
On Thursday, March 8, 2018, 11:21:28 AM CST, MARK TOMEY SR. <mstomey@hotmail.com> wrote:
Mr. Ditkowsky: some legal passages concerning “void judgements”
          a.) “Any judge who does not comply with his oath of office to the Constitution 

of the United States, wars against the Constitution and engages in violation of the 

Supreme Law of the Land. If a judge does not fully comply with the Constitution, then

his orders are void. In re Sawyer, 124 U.S. 200 (1888), he is without jurisdiction, and 

he/ she has engaged in an act or acts of treason. U.S. v. Will 449 U.S. 200, 216, 101 

S. Ct. 471, 66 EEd. 2d…

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From GG: One hour podcast discussing standing in foreclosure


Special Guest: Illinois Foreclosure Defense Attorney Douglas Matton

March 4, 2018 – Gary Dubin

Co-Host: John Waihee

Identification of the 21 Major “Standing” Issues in Foreclosure Litigation Today —

With Returning Special Guest: Illinois Foreclosure Defense Attorney Douglas Matton

(click here to listen)

ldentification of the 21 Major “Standing” lssues in Foreclosure Litigation Today

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From FB: Right to appear pro se, while not unconstitutional, is an important right in the US


In a criminal case, the 8th and 14th amendment confer the right of a defendant to appear pro se.  However, Sec. 35 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 confirms the right of a civil litigant to appear pro se.

From O’Reilly v. NY Times  692 F.2d 863 (C.A.2 (N.Y.), 1982):

We start with the proposition that the right to self-representation in civil cases conferred by Sec. 35 of the Judiciary Act of 1789, although not enjoying the constitutional protection subsequently afforded to the right of self-representation in criminal cases, Faretta v. California, 422 U.S. 80695 S.Ct. 252545 L.Ed.2d 562 (1975), is a right of high standing, not simply a practice to be honored or dishonored by a court depending on its assessment of the desiderata of a particular case. As the Court said in Faretta, supra, 422 U.S. at 830 n. 39, 95 S.Ct. at…

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From FB: Texas Judge indicted by FBI over $6,000 in bribes for favorable rulings



Photo: Shutterstock

The FBI has charged a South Texas judge with accepting bribes after a lawyer working as a confidential informant helped agents record the jurist allegedly accepting $6,000 in cash in exchange for favorable rulings.

Federal agents arrested 93rd State District Judge Rodolfo “Rudy” Delgado of Edinburg on Feb. 2. Delgado was charged with “bribery concerning programs receiving federal funds,” and released on $100,000 bond. The criminal complaint filed against Delgado alleges the FBI worked with an unnamed lawyer, who confessed he had a history dating back to 2008 of bribing Delgado.

The lawyer-turned-informant, listed in the complaint under the initials CHS, worked with the…

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From EB: A complaint filed by an attorney working the Disciplinary Board in NY admits that certain attorney grievances are routinely discarded without action


At just about every juncture, everyone I talk to now who complaints about corruption in their casein Illinois, and in particular, Cook County, says you file a complaint with the Illinois ARDC and the JIB and in the end it is either lost or denied.

Folks, these are valid grievances.

How does this happen?  we can get a clue from the lawsuit filed in New York wherein a whistleblower at their offices make the following admission in a complaint (Anderson v. New York, find the complaint at this link:


19. For more than six years, Plaintiff was employed as a Principal Attorney at the DDC, which is responsible for investigating and disciplining attorneys found guilty of misconduct in representing the public.
20. Upon learning of the DDC’s pattern and practice of whitewashing and routinely dismissing complaints leveled against certain select attorneys – to the detriment of the very members  of…

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From PM: The ARDC and its continuing Fraud on the Public–Favored Friend (and thief) Atty Arthur Engelland


We all know the ARDC dismisses scores of perfectly valid complaints about probate court and mortgage fraud.  They stand idly by the Probate Court on the 18th floor targets, isolates, guardianizes and lets others steal estates (Estates of Sykes-$3 million; Alice Gore-millions; Mary Teichert-$2 million, etc.)  They have the lawyers stacked in Probate guardianship court to do as they please with impunity.  (Stern, Farenga, Martin, etc.)

Apparently another method to cover up employed by Jerome Larkin and James Grogin is to discipline a lawyer lightly that steals and then make the records difficult or impossible to find.

From a client, take a look at the “Lawyer Search” on http://www.iardc.org of “Arthur Engelland”

The Lawyer Search says no problems, as of today:


ARDC Individual Attorney Record of Public Registration and Public Disciplinary and Disability Information as of March 5, 2018 at 1:13:00 PM:

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From FB/WC: Mom thrown in jail for baptizing her daughter!


Just when you thought (anti) “family court” could not possibly get more bizarre, along comes this story:

Mom Jailed for Baptizing Daughter without Father’s Permission
Judge Claims Mom Acted in “Bad-Faith Disregard”

“I’m scared…I don’t see how [jailing me] is in the best interest of the family.”
– Kendra Stocks

A North Carolina judge threw a mother in jail for seven days for having her daughter baptized without the father’s presence and consent.

Kendra Stocks of Charlotte, N.C., will report to jail Friday to begin her seven-day sentence after District Court Judge Sean Smith ruled in March 2017 that she acted in “bad-faith disregard” and was therefore in contempt of court for having her daughter baptized without consulting Paul Schaaf, the child’s father, according to Fox8. Stocks’ sentence is based on a previous custody battle between her and Schaaf, to whom the court gave final authority on all legal decisions…

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From EF: More corruption in the Judiciary and in the Sheriff’s offices


Dear All,
I continue to report rampant judicial corruption in Illinois Court system; and expose “mysterious forces” who regularly place their cronies on our benches to abuse non-clout  litigants, fix cases for their parties of interests; and deprive citizens from civil rights, especially those who appear as  ProSe.
One of such “mysterious forces” is former Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan who helped at least 5 cronies to obtain judicial seats:  Patricia O’Brien Sheahan ; Judge Daniel Patrick BrennanJudge Jim RyanJudge Brian Flaherty and Judge James McGing .
Seahan is currently pushing his another crony,  bully-impersonator Michael I. O’Malley (who just “donated” himself $50,000.00)  into a judicial seat in 2018, despite his loss in 2016.
I have included Mr. Sheahan’s son, lawyer Terrence J. Sheahan, and respectfully  demand him to STOP his father from  corrupting 

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From EB: a great case on the limitations of “judicial immunity”


You all will recall the Ciavarella case where Judge Coghlin and Civarella were convicted and sued in the “kids for cash” scandal in Pennsylvania.

Now here is another case you can use.  Note how the depravity of justice occurred and how these judges had no concept of the US constitution, the state constitution or any meaningful concepts of law.

I don’t recall the Illinois bar exam testing on civil rights.  I guess that should have been a clue for me.


This was a case similar to Kids for Cash where DCFS was taking away American Indian kids by the boat load. There was no meaningful due process in any of the courtrooms.  The law required a hearing in 48 hours.  The typical hearing lasted 5 minutes or less and the parents were either never informed or if the tracked down the kids and pressured for information, they appeared and…

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