From EB: a great case on the limitations of “judicial immunity”

You all will recall the Ciavarella case where Judge Coghlin and Civarella were convicted and sued in the “kids for cash” scandal in Pennsylvania.

Now here is another case you can use.  Note how the depravity of justice occurred and how these judges had no concept of the US constitution, the state constitution or any meaningful concepts of law.

I don’t recall the Illinois bar exam testing on civil rights.  I guess that should have been a clue for me.

This was a case similar to Kids for Cash where DCFS was taking away American Indian kids by the boat load. There was no meaningful due process in any of the courtrooms.  The law required a hearing in 48 hours.  The typical hearing lasted 5 minutes or less and the parents were either never informed or if the tracked down the kids and pressured for information, they appeared and…

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