From EB: A complaint filed by an attorney working the Disciplinary Board in NY admits that certain attorney grievances are routinely discarded without action

At just about every juncture, everyone I talk to now who complaints about corruption in their casein Illinois, and in particular, Cook County, says you file a complaint with the Illinois ARDC and the JIB and in the end it is either lost or denied.

Folks, these are valid grievances.

How does this happen?  we can get a clue from the lawsuit filed in New York wherein a whistleblower at their offices make the following admission in a complaint (Anderson v. New York, find the complaint at this link:

19. For more than six years, Plaintiff was employed as a Principal Attorney at the DDC, which is responsible for investigating and disciplining attorneys found guilty of misconduct in representing the public.
20. Upon learning of the DDC’s pattern and practice of whitewashing and routinely dismissing complaints leveled against certain select attorneys – to the detriment of the very members  of…

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