From EF: More corruption in the Judiciary and in the Sheriff’s offices

Dear All,
I continue to report rampant judicial corruption in Illinois Court system; and expose “mysterious forces” who regularly place their cronies on our benches to abuse non-clout  litigants, fix cases for their parties of interests; and deprive citizens from civil rights, especially those who appear as  ProSe.
One of such “mysterious forces” is former Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan who helped at least 5 cronies to obtain judicial seats:  Patricia O’Brien Sheahan ; Judge Daniel Patrick BrennanJudge Jim RyanJudge Brian Flaherty and Judge James McGing .
Seahan is currently pushing his another crony,  bully-impersonator Michael I. O’Malley (who just “donated” himself $50,000.00)  into a judicial seat in 2018, despite his loss in 2016.
I have included Mr. Sheahan’s son, lawyer Terrence J. Sheahan, and respectfully  demand him to STOP his father from  corrupting 

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