From Ken Ditkowsky–Federal Report shows that Illinois leads in nursing home abuses cases

It would be very nice to be naive.   A naive person could believe that the ARDC is interested in protecting the public from dishonest lawyers.   A naive person would believe the words and phrases of Chicago’s mayor.    A naive person would believe that words of the candidates for governor and in particular believe that ‘fat man’ who tots his difficult childhood as the child of billionaires!   A naive person would believe that Chicago elections are honest and every vote counts!    **** Indeed, it would be nice to have just fallen off the cabbage truck!   BUT SUCH IS NOT THE CASE.
If I was ever naive, I was cured of the disease shortly after I received my law license and a Judge called my home and stated: “THE BID IS 5”    Of course I had no idea what he was talking about, BUT I SOON LEARNED.   I came…

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