From E.Federova: Lanre Amu’s corrupt ARDC case remains unresolved

As many of you have noted, there is nothing more foul smelling and pernicious to our society than a licensed corrupt lawyer.

Lanre Amu is an honest lawyer who was serving the poor and immigrant. His license was stripped away from him when all he did was point out corruption in the courts.  He did nothing wrong.  In fact, when Chicago Crain’s Business investigated, they found even more corruption on the part of Judge Lynn Egan.

Why isn’t Lanre Amu reinstated with honors and why is Lynn Egan still sitting on the bench?

Go ask Presiding Judge Timmothy Evans, Jerome Larkin and all the other corrupt ARDC lawyers that signed petitions and prosecuted innocent Lanre Amu.


Case:  ARDC v. Amu.  Corrupt lawyers involved:  Robert Verrando, Jerome Larkin, Debra J. Braselton, Andrea D. Rice, Donald D. Torisky

My case, corrupt lawyers:  Melissa Smart, Sharon Opryszek, Sang-yul Lee
Ziad Alnaqib, Jerome Larkin, Stephen Splitt.


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