From Ken Ditkowsky–Fines why are we taxing hospitals when most are NFP’s–a bunch of BS govt accounting.

NEW YEAR’S GREETINGS – – The Candor gap!

One of the problems with fraud is that it is a cancer and all too often the adage – “you cannot defraud an honest man” comes into play.    Health care’s 700% fraud surcharge could not happen if the various governments were themselves HONEST.   The Illinois political elite whose criminal activities are such an embarrassment have a great deal of company.   Decent people everywhere are appalled when a major political figure goes on television and has the temerity to tell multiple whoopers that he knows are absolutely untrue.    These same members of the great unwashed get even more upset when the media repeats the prevarication as the truth over and over again and when someone speaks out in frustration: “stop lying!” the protester is labeled *****.
Usually the lying by the POLITICAL ELITE is not obvious, and sometimes it is inventive. …

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