From Ken and Judy Ditkowsky–home health care fraud flourishes in Chicago

It appears that Judy found a Chicago Tribune article that is worth reading, to wit:
The article unfortunately did not reference the four GAO reports to Congress,  the umpteen disclosures in the Probate Sharks, NASGA, AAAPG, MaryGSykes blog, the Philip Esformes bullion dollar fraud case, etc.    The authors are reinventing the wheel; however, it is an important start and an update on exactly where we are in the human trafficking scandal.    (As reference point we are one meter into the 250 meter dash! and every one is reinventing the wheel)
Even though the Philip Esformes case was covered by the Chicago Tribune, and the Seth Gillman case received mention the “media investigators” failed to build on what should have been learned from the said cases.
Maybe our best hope is the Department of Treasury (Internal Revenue Service).    The trillion dollars in ‘booty’ that…

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