From Candice Schwager–the amazing story of Tim Lahrman, probate activist

Want to hear something outrageous? Tim Lahrman was fraudulently stripped of all rights and placed in guardianship by his brother to steal $1 million. He’s a genius but hasn’t been able to escape 30 years.
Tim suddenly had a heart attack making everyone think he died. We prayed Ezekiel when he prophesied to dry lifeless bones ? We played it all night. He was breathing on ventilators and heart beat 30/ minute. Drs said since he didn’t breathe even 1% after they unfroze him and heated him 0-95 degrees, call hospice. They planned to pull plug at 6:30 pm Sunday and I couldn’t handle it so I went to bed sobbing. I woke up at 9:00 pm and a text said he began breathing moments before 6:30. They removed life support and his vital signs returned to perfect. after no oxygen or heart beat 10 minutes.
Drs say he now…

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A Miracle! Tim Lahrman and Lazarus now have much in common — an NDE

Thanks to every one for their prayers.  Tim Lahrman is breathing on his own.  I don’t know the full story, but Tim was out cold on the floor for more than 10 minutes at his home, his wife Cindy conducted CPR until the ambulance arrived. When he arrived at the hospital everything was shut down, and there was no brain activity and they put him on 100% life support, chilled his body for a few days and then warmed him up.

During that time he had no brain activity.  When he warmed up, there was no brain activity. They were getting to pull the plug, but they noted that Tim’s heart rate would rise from 30 bpm to 80 whenever his wife spoke him, so she kept on speaking.

I just received a picture of him off the respirator and Cindy is right with him hugging him and smiling.


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From Ken Ditkowsky–Coverups in Chicago

The distinction between an INVESTIGATION and an HONEST INVESTIGATION is night and day.
It is a fact that a Grand Jury could indict a ‘ham sandwich’ and all too often the Grand Jury is a prosecutor’s tool for defaming a person who is either a political or personal target.   Today, police are the scapegoat for the corruption in the Courts, the lack of integrity in certain communities and homes, the failure of the courts and *****.    
The Weekend total in Chicago was reported as 8 dead and 32 wounded on just the South and West Sides of Chicago.    Chicago is a major American city!    Why the violence?
Why are certain communities UNSAFE?    
There is no single cause.  Putting more police on the streets will not work.  Chicago already has the toughest gun laws in the US.   Good people have been marching decrying…

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From Candice Schwager and Ken Ditkowsky-A Moment of Silence for Tim Lahrman, a wonderful guardianship activist

Dear Friends of Tim and even a few who did not have the pleasure of knowing him:

It is with deep sadness that I must let you know our brilliant friend Tim Lahrman has apparently passed away, after he suffered a major heart attack Thursday night and has now been confirmed to be with no brain activity and on machines to breath and pump his heart. Tim had a heart attack on August 5, 2016 and went to the hospital but did not tell anyone including Cindy, because he did not want to worry her. He did not tell me either and during the past year, we had become like best friends. He taught me so much about the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 and we formed the Foundation for Elder Justice with the slogan ADA in Action! Thursday, I sent him the logo and we both tweaked…

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From Ken Ditkowsky — lack of enforcement of law and the ARDC obstructing justice

15 USCA 1701 is a bill that my partner and I worked on with then Representative Rumsfield in the 1960s.    The bill addressed the fact that Florida con-men were preying on rust belt tourists who were mesmerized by the warm Florida breezes during the winter months.   Like sheep they were lured into purchasing swamps and low lands that were essentially worthless.
For years there was almost no enforcement of the law, until I raised it in the Fairway Preserve cases in 2005.   Even then corrupt courts in Florida (running foreclosures) just ignored the law – but were afraid to issue deficiency judgments.
Laws passed by the legislature have no force and effect without enforcement by the Administration (executive branch).   When public officials such as Jerome Larkin (and the IARDC) obstruct justice with the 18 USCA 371 cover-up and are free from sanction of the law you…

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From Ken Ditkowsky – Why is Jerome Larkin Teaching Ethics?

Subject: With JEROME LARKIN teaching ethics and the IARDC covering up the felonies of elder cleansings ethics in Illinois is a hypothetical.
Date: Sep 6, 2016 2:49 PM
The double standard is alive and well.
As we head into that period of the season when we will be flooded with political advertisements there are some observations that have to made.
Why does any candidate spend ten times plus the amount to be earned for a public office?    If you look at the candidate, can you see him/her as a dedicated individual whose only interest is serving the public?     Why then does Candidate x seek a public office that is going to be net loss for him/her and will most probably tarnish him/her in the eyes of most, if not all of his/her peers who are not in the public sector?
 Unfortunately, in too many cases we…

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From Atty Tatiana Neroni–how attorney discipline often (doesn’t) work at all…

From Tatiana:

The topic of how attorney licensing affects the public is very vast, and I covered it in multiple blog articles (I have nearly 2000 on the blog now).  I cannot provide links to all of them, and you won’t be able to review them over this short time.

But, the idea is that it should be the consumer’s choice and not the government’s as to who represents people in court, and that attorney licensing – as a sort of help in marketing for an attorney – creates an illusion of protection in the public, while it provides no protection, but instead serves to perpetuate the “justice gap”, the situation where many people cannot afford an attorney.

I would like to cover – time permitting – the concept of attorney licensing as help offered to consumers by the government, to help them in picking their provider of services, and…

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