From Atty Tatiana Neroni–how attorney discipline often (doesn’t) work at all…

From Tatiana:

The topic of how attorney licensing affects the public is very vast, and I covered it in multiple blog articles (I have nearly 2000 on the blog now).  I cannot provide links to all of them, and you won’t be able to review them over this short time.

But, the idea is that it should be the consumer’s choice and not the government’s as to who represents people in court, and that attorney licensing – as a sort of help in marketing for an attorney – creates an illusion of protection in the public, while it provides no protection, but instead serves to perpetuate the “justice gap”, the situation where many people cannot afford an attorney.

I would like to cover – time permitting – the concept of attorney licensing as help offered to consumers by the government, to help them in picking their provider of services, and…

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