From Ken Ditkowsky–Coverups in Chicago

The distinction between an INVESTIGATION and an HONEST INVESTIGATION is night and day.
It is a fact that a Grand Jury could indict a ‘ham sandwich’ and all too often the Grand Jury is a prosecutor’s tool for defaming a person who is either a political or personal target.   Today, police are the scapegoat for the corruption in the Courts, the lack of integrity in certain communities and homes, the failure of the courts and *****.    
The Weekend total in Chicago was reported as 8 dead and 32 wounded on just the South and West Sides of Chicago.    Chicago is a major American city!    Why the violence?
Why are certain communities UNSAFE?    
There is no single cause.  Putting more police on the streets will not work.  Chicago already has the toughest gun laws in the US.   Good people have been marching decrying…

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