From Ken Ditkowsky – Why is Jerome Larkin Teaching Ethics?

Subject: With JEROME LARKIN teaching ethics and the IARDC covering up the felonies of elder cleansings ethics in Illinois is a hypothetical.
Date: Sep 6, 2016 2:49 PM
The double standard is alive and well.
As we head into that period of the season when we will be flooded with political advertisements there are some observations that have to made.
Why does any candidate spend ten times plus the amount to be earned for a public office?    If you look at the candidate, can you see him/her as a dedicated individual whose only interest is serving the public?     Why then does Candidate x seek a public office that is going to be net loss for him/her and will most probably tarnish him/her in the eyes of most, if not all of his/her peers who are not in the public sector?
 Unfortunately, in too many cases we…

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