From Candice Schwager–the amazing story of Tim Lahrman, probate activist

Want to hear something outrageous? Tim Lahrman was fraudulently stripped of all rights and placed in guardianship by his brother to steal $1 million. He’s a genius but hasn’t been able to escape 30 years.
Tim suddenly had a heart attack making everyone think he died. We prayed Ezekiel when he prophesied to dry lifeless bones ? We played it all night. He was breathing on ventilators and heart beat 30/ minute. Drs said since he didn’t breathe even 1% after they unfroze him and heated him 0-95 degrees, call hospice. They planned to pull plug at 6:30 pm Sunday and I couldn’t handle it so I went to bed sobbing. I woke up at 9:00 pm and a text said he began breathing moments before 6:30. They removed life support and his vital signs returned to perfect. after no oxygen or heart beat 10 minutes.
Drs say he now…

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