Alabama state works on destroying a family

Whether you are pro life or pro choice or whatever is going on here, this is the bizarre story of a 14 year old girl who was raped, decided to keep the child, had the child, and then soon as the baby was born, the brilliant state of Alabama took both the mother and newborn, nursing at the breast into state custody.  Mega media was silent.  The State of Alabama also let the alleged father and rapist see the baby at the hospital against the wishes of the girl and her family.

BUT the internet went viral.  Millions of hits, all over the place.  MedicalKidnap, the Daily Haze, and dozens of smaller blogs just got the thing buzzing like nuts.

So what did DCHS from Alabama do next?  The right thing, return this mother and child to where the 14 year old wanted to live with her grandparents?  For sure…

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