From KKD–why is Jerome Larkin not in Jail?

You know that if any other attorney did what he did–present an utterly false and hopeless bill, not serve the other side, obtain a judgment, when the fraud was called out, then often prosecution is initiated for obtaining a false judgment and in this case with State of Illinois Funds entrusted to the public.  It has been weeks now.  Last pleading by SO, she wanted 2 weeks, for what? Damage Control?  More excuses?  I have not received an apology, I have not received my license back.  If it were you or I, or Ken, or Lanre Amu, for sure we would be sitting in Jail for trying to bilk $14,000 from the State of Illinois by using people who were not licensed to generate a fake bill, then file a motion exparte, then get a judgment and fight it.  It was very fortuitous that I just happened to try to…

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