Fundraiser Justice 4 Every 1, NFP

Right now we are raising funds for airfare or an airline ticket so I can go to Washington and talk to the Senate Subcommittee at the next subcommittee hearing to help corruption victims who have experienced a loss of a loved one in Probate or Custody through corruption (lack of jurisdiction, changed transcripts, lying in court, false evidence, lying shrinks and courtroom vendors. I want to ask this Subcommittee to appoint a special investigator and return the loved ones to their families with a POA and an Elder Assistant volunteer who meets with the elder once per week and helps them pay bills and make decisions. Also, all monies taken from fraudulent proceedings, the attorneys, nursing homes and court vendors will be returned to the loved one and their family members.

I also have a $500 Comcast bill to pay by June 27, 2016.

Travel to DC will cost about…

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