Need more proof the IARDC is hoplessly corrupt?

Here is proof that at my Review Board hearing the court reporter was told “not to set up”, that “we don’t do that here”.  Amazing. So where are we, North Korea?

This is the very basis or root cause of corruption in the Illinois Court System–the changed transcript or the court reporter told “not to set up”.  This happens all the time in secret child custody meetings with the judge and in other arenas.  In the Phillips case, the judge manipulated a settlement discussion meeting so a “court reporter could not set up” and that cost the estate $300,000.

It is the common stated goal of an open, honest, transparent and free democracy to have open and public court hearings–nothing must be done in secret.  But here we have the ARDC advocating and even insisting on kicking out the court reporters.

You will recall when I published the covered…

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