From Ken Ditkowsky–false accusations are apparently part of the system.

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jan 16, 2015 4:32 PM
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Subject: Fw: Fw: here is my FRCP 17 motion

The War on the Elderly and the Disabled continues to be waged by not only a select group of corrupt public officials and corrupt judicial officials.   Attached to this e-mail is a draft of a Brief that JoAnne Denison is filing with the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission as I write this message to you.
In today’s journal AD complains that he was falsely accused of sexually molesting a minor.   He justly weeps bitter tears; however, the tragedy of his situation is minor compared to what Grant Goodman has to deal with in Arizona, JoAnne Denison is dealing with her in Illinois and literally dozens of Attorneys are dealing with all across the United States.     Let me explain.
A cottage industry…

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Brief on Appeal for JMD–How many ways can we tell the authorities that the 1st Amendment is alive and kicking

Now you all know that when I am quiet for a day or two I am up to something, so here is my Appeal to the Reivew Board at the Atty Regn and Disc. Comm.

This is the scan.  It is replete with First Amendment assertions–those that are generally in pristine condition at the ARDC because they are unused and kept under lock and key!

You can also read it below.

This blog is dedicated to you, my fans and probate victims.  No one knows more than you, and certainly no one at the ARDC knows how you have suffered.  You all file horrendous complaints (Gore, Drabik, Wyman, etc.) and the ARDC/Jerome Larkin dismiss them out of hand and often write nonsensical letters back (Sykes, Gore, etc.)

But rest assured I am here for you.  On Mar 13, 2015 at 9:30 am at 130 W Randolph, One Prudential Plaza…

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From Ken Ditkowsky — Respect for the law

Respect for Law
Humor has been a device by which many people who are disaffected by entities of government address their frustration.      Corruption in the Courts has plagued even the ancient civilizations.    Today, corruption is present everywhere but is particularly alive in various population centers wherein the elderly and the disabled are present in large numbers.    Thus, it is not unusual to hear:
“What do call it when a plane filled with lawyers crashes and burns?”
“A good start!”
Indeed, lawyers in general are not respected and not popular members of society.     Unfortunately the conception of lawyers by the public is well earned.
I’ve had occasion to deal with hundreds of lawyers over the past six decades, five (plus) as an active and practicing law.    Until recently I was sheltered from the ‘nadir’ of the profession and I had trouble understanding why the public had so little faith in the…

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Why Jerome Larkin favors those that drug, restrain, eliminate via probate court–From Ken Ditkowsky

This is from an article in the Chicago Tribune on the antics of Jerome Larkin, Ken’s comments are shown in blue.
Family of wealthy Chicago businessman told he moved to Hong Kong
Attorney for James Larkin says he’s healthy, doesn’t want to speak to family
March 21, 2008|By Michael Higgins, Tribune reporter
A lawyer for wealthy Chicago businessman James Larkin disputes that his client went missing last fall, saying he merely moved to Hong Kong to live with his second wife.
But Larkin’s family still questions whether he is healthy enough to make decisions for himself.
The family has feared for his safety since Larkin, 63, vanished in September, just months after he suffered a debilitating stroke and despite being owed more than $3 million by his former business.
On Wednesday attorney Peter Qiu showed up in Cook County probate court, saying he represented Larkin and that his client is…

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From Michael Gearhart and Gwen Chubb–is reporting actually allowed at the Daley Center courts? a Resounding NO!

From: Michael Gerhardt (GGH LAW) <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 4:30 PM
Subject: Family Court and the 1st Amendment – Freedom of the Press
This is a bigger victory than it appears to be,  I did not realize that until ABC, Channel 7, explained it to Gwen and me when they observed the proceedings and interviewed us.  Their view:  Sheriff Tom Dart is going to be required to put a policy in place regarding filming in the courthouse; and that will affect all media who want to cover a story at a Cook County courthouse.
The end result, Gwen’s emergency injunction against Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart was granted.  Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans was not added because his position is that he is not the one objecting to Gwen’s presence.
Here is the press release.  Sorry about the delay.  I am still catching up after…

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From Dr. Sam Sugar–on respecting Fla. advance directives and designated health care surrogates

On Tuesday, January 13, 2015 1:27 PM, Dr. Sam Sugar <> wrote:
Good Day

Florida Statute 765 requires three agency heads  (AHCA, DOEA, Health) to educate seniors as to their civil rights regarding advance directives and designation of health care surrogate.  It also requires each of the three Directors/Secretaries to honor those civil rights and to protect seniors whose rights are not being respected.  All three are failing to execute their responsibilities in this matter. 

On behalf of every Florida Citizen who has created advance directives in hopes of having them executed, I hereby urgently request that the Justice Committee of the House interrogate them under oath in a legislative hearing, as to why they are failing to obey 765 and the   the Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990, which requires CMS to cancel the contract of every Florida health care provider that does not honor the terms of the advance directive and the instructions of the designated health care…

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Quotes from Barbara Stone! and interesting article on “probate broker” in the UK

Seniors have become victims of the legal process. When you become old, you should not, by the action of a court, automatically lose your rights just because some family member or impersonal administrator calls you incompetent.” — Senator Larry Craig, Chairman, U.S. Senate’s Special Committee on Aging. (February, 2003)

“You are a target because you have assets. You don’t necessarily have to be very old. You can even be quite lucid. That won’t stop these predators. When it comes to removing your rights and your money, these folks are experts. It is a very rare and lucky individual who is able to regain their rights. Unfortunately, the process still removes most of their assets by guardian charges and attorney fees fighting to keep you in the gulag. “    –Money Magazine

“The current system does not work. This reality is most apparent when a wealthy individual falls victim to these involuntary…

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Rudy Bush, a probate victim, passed over into eternal peace Jan 1, 2015

Let us all pray for him and his family that loved him.  He is now at peace with his mother.

I have numerous of his emails detailing the abuses and his mother’s death and I will be pulling them and publishing them.  The miscreants in his case (evil sis and others) made his life miserable, killed his mother, and he was so pained by all of this, he could not talk about it publicly.


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More Fraud in Healthcare–this time from a Hospice Nurse

Sick of Fraud

By Larry Benson  /   January 9, 2015  /   Comments Off

Hospice programs offer medical services and emotional support to patients who are facing the end of their life. Hospice workers are required to be licensed and certified in order to provide this specialized care. (Obviously, you wouldn’t want someone who is not qualified to administer your end-of-life care plan. The point is to stick around as long as possible, not exit this world early because of a caretaker’s mistake.) An article published in The Dallas Morning News follows the story of a woman who stole the identity of a registered nurse and used it to get a job as a hospice worker at eight different hospice companies over a three-year period of time.

The story states that the woman did apply to take a nursing exam, but…

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From Ken Ditkowsky–plenty of employment in Saudia Arabia and N. Korea for Larkin and his ilk!

From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Jan 8, 2015 10:35 AM
To: “JoAnne M. Denison” , Tim NASGA , Probate Sharks , Nasga Us , “J. Ditkowsky” , Eric Holder , Matt Senator Kirk , “FBI- ( (” , Chicago FBI , BILL DITKOWSKY , Janet Phelan , “ComplaintAdmin ADA (CRT)” , Ginny Johnson , Bev Cooper , Cook County States Attorney , FOX News Network LLC , Diane Nash , Barbara Stone , Scott Evans , Fiduciary Watch , “Y. ACLU” , Illinois ARDC , ISBA Main Discussion Group , Edward Carter , Glenda Martinez , Cook Sheriff

Illinois and the Illinois ARDC under the administration of Jerome Larkin and his friends in the cottage industry of elder cleansing have demonstrated to America that the First Amendment can be abrogated by corrupt political and judicial officials.    Larkin’s racially…

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