From Michael Gearhart and Gwen Chubb–is reporting actually allowed at the Daley Center courts? a Resounding NO!

From: Michael Gerhardt (GGH LAW) <>
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 4:30 PM
Subject: Family Court and the 1st Amendment – Freedom of the Press
This is a bigger victory than it appears to be,  I did not realize that until ABC, Channel 7, explained it to Gwen and me when they observed the proceedings and interviewed us.  Their view:  Sheriff Tom Dart is going to be required to put a policy in place regarding filming in the courthouse; and that will affect all media who want to cover a story at a Cook County courthouse.
The end result, Gwen’s emergency injunction against Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart was granted.  Cook County Chief Judge Tim Evans was not added because his position is that he is not the one objecting to Gwen’s presence.
Here is the press release.  Sorry about the delay.  I am still catching up after…

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