Why Jerome Larkin favors those that drug, restrain, eliminate via probate court–From Ken Ditkowsky


This is from an article in the Chicago Tribune on the antics of Jerome Larkin, Ken’s comments are shown in blue.
Family of wealthy Chicago businessman told he moved to Hong Kong
Attorney for James Larkin says he’s healthy, doesn’t want to speak to family
March 21, 2008|By Michael Higgins, Tribune reporter
A lawyer for wealthy Chicago businessman James Larkin disputes that his client went missing last fall, saying he merely moved to Hong Kong to live with his second wife.
But Larkin’s family still questions whether he is healthy enough to make decisions for himself.
The family has feared for his safety since Larkin, 63, vanished in September, just months after he suffered a debilitating stroke and despite being owed more than $3 million by his former business.
On Wednesday attorney Peter Qiu showed up in Cook County probate court, saying he represented Larkin and that his client is…

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