Brief on Appeal for JMD–How many ways can we tell the authorities that the 1st Amendment is alive and kicking

Now you all know that when I am quiet for a day or two I am up to something, so here is my Appeal to the Reivew Board at the Atty Regn and Disc. Comm.

This is the scan.  It is replete with First Amendment assertions–those that are generally in pristine condition at the ARDC because they are unused and kept under lock and key!

You can also read it below.

This blog is dedicated to you, my fans and probate victims.  No one knows more than you, and certainly no one at the ARDC knows how you have suffered.  You all file horrendous complaints (Gore, Drabik, Wyman, etc.) and the ARDC/Jerome Larkin dismiss them out of hand and often write nonsensical letters back (Sykes, Gore, etc.)

But rest assured I am here for you.  On Mar 13, 2015 at 9:30 am at 130 W Randolph, One Prudential Plaza…

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