From Ken Ditkowsky — Respect for the law

Respect for Law
Humor has been a device by which many people who are disaffected by entities of government address their frustration.      Corruption in the Courts has plagued even the ancient civilizations.    Today, corruption is present everywhere but is particularly alive in various population centers wherein the elderly and the disabled are present in large numbers.    Thus, it is not unusual to hear:
“What do call it when a plane filled with lawyers crashes and burns?”
“A good start!”
Indeed, lawyers in general are not respected and not popular members of society.     Unfortunately the conception of lawyers by the public is well earned.
I’ve had occasion to deal with hundreds of lawyers over the past six decades, five (plus) as an active and practicing law.    Until recently I was sheltered from the ‘nadir’ of the profession and I had trouble understanding why the public had so little faith in the…

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