From Attorney Tom Weiss, as published in Disabled World

Dear Tom;

Thank you so much for published in your article your experiences in the probate area of the Daley Center.

I agree with you, most nurses and aides are professional, kind and caring and therefore attracted to taking care of our most vulnerable but precious population–the disableds and elders.

On a darker side, there will always be a strong minority that are attracted to nursing homes for everything they can 5 finger–clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.–even and sometimes especially the drugs.  Nursing homes are chock full of psychotropic drugs that mostly tranquilize, make one happy when you’re not really happy and you forget your problems and sleep instead of being a productive, useful citizen.  They mask pain, real and emotional.   Like Nurse Jackie, many will work in a hospital or nursing home setting.

From personal experience and from the experiences of others, I know of the thefts, the drugs…

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