Teaching the ARDC about constitutional rights!


Dear Readers;

One of the things that happens only in ARDC litigation is that if you’re an attorney defending your constitutional rights, and you assert those rights, first thing they do is Strike your pleading.  I think I have a stack of their “Motions to Strike”.  Now this is funny, they moved to strike the depositions of the key crucial fact witnesses: Gloria Sykes, Scott Evans, Yolanda and Kathie Bakken, but then they use them at trial!

I have never seen a proceeding with so many Motions to Strike. Most of the time, opposing counsel files a Response and a decision is made on the merits.  Motions to Strike are supposed to only be used in rare occassions.

Here is the ARDC Motion to Strike:


Here is my response:


Make sure you read my declaration at the end of my response.  It’s an eye opener.  As you will…

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From Ken Ditkowsky


Dear Ms Phelan,
I know from the reactions that I have observed that something is going on.   The information that I have concerning our attorney general is 180% contrary to the press that he gets.   My desire is to believe in him and his integrity.
That said, I was looking over the IARDC file in my case and noted that the irregularities are extremely serious.
1) the IARDC attorneys do not believe that they cannot talk to clients in the opposing camp.   It seems that it is routine to ignore the fact that a person of interest might have an attorney.   (Ms. Black as an example communicated with Ms. Denison even though she was aware that I was representing Ms. Denison.   Of course the attorneys claimed that Gloria Sykes was my client – yet they had no problem in talking to her without my consent…

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From Gloria — her Move On petition is Moving on quite well!


From: GLORIA Jean SYKES <gloami@msn.com>
Sent: Apr 7, 2014 8:33 PM
To: JoAnne M Denison <joanne@justice4every1.com>
Cc: “k_bakken@att.net” <k_bakken@att.net>
Subject: RE: Help me spread the word: stop guardianship abuse

Of course you can publish JD.  You received an email that went out this morning by MoveOn.org that I wrote.  We are at 104 signatures.  Yesterday since I worked the social media we got 52 signatures, which is wonderful.  Today only 7.  I have been bogged down with other matters, alhough this is of the greatest importance.

JD, you and your followers actually believe that getting out the information is easy — well, in a sense it is.  That the masses understand, well that’s another story. It is why I also copied Kathie.

he sheer number of victims of the Holocaust continues  to inspire awe:  between five and six million.  But the…

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From Gloria Sykes–every signature counts!


From: Gloria Jean Sykes
Sent: Apr 7, 2014 6:26 PM
To: jdenison@surfree.com
Subject: Help me spread the word: stop guardianship abuse

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues, and Supporters,

Thank you for signing my petition. With your help, we’ve already reached people who care deeply about this issue. But if we are going to have an impact, it’s critical that we get at least 150 signatures before we deliver the petition to the political elite and law enforcement.  Obviously the more people who sign, the greater impact and a quicker resolve.  My Mother is still alive, although suffering greatly while hostage in the home of a named abuser.  And I am certain as I write there are thousands of other elderly and disabled people ‘still alive’ but suffering because of court sanctioned abuses and financial exploitation.  You can help prosecute more attorneys who are part of the Cottage Industry sanctioned by our…

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My blog is offically MISCONDUCT according to the IARDC


Dear Ken;

You are absolutely right, a 4 year suspension for speaking the truth is nothing but vindictive retaliation for tattling on the nefarious activities of favored attorneys and judges on the 18th floor.

And they still want to shut down my blog.  My blog is now officially MISCONDUCT.  I will publish the order on Monday.  My blog is the only one, it’s popular and people have come to trust and support it–50,000+ views in 2 years and all the ARDC wants to do is shut it down. I get new subscribers every week.  It’s nothing but a ridiculous “blame the media” action for the conduct of the favored ones.

From Disraeli:

“London owes everything to its press: it owes as much to its press as it does to its being the seat of government and the law.  The press is not only free, it is powerful. That power is…

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Great Questions from a Probate Victim’s family member


From a concerned family member (I won’t say whose family)

1)  What could/should the legislature to to put an end to unwanted/unnecessary guardianships?

2) What should we specifically be asking of our congress people?

3) What is the normal procedure for reporting illegal activity or elder abuse?

4) What could be done so that existing agencies have some teeth and can take action?

5) What is the proper form of redress re: a. siblings not being served, b. children and siblings not served, c. improper adjudication?

6) Does ANYONE know of ANY adult guardianship in Illinois that has been overturned?
7) Does anyone have a database of existing cases and the issues involved, and/or irregular procedures or violations of statute?

Answers from Ken Ditkowsky:

question 1 is rhetorical   If the legislative mandate is followed there are no such things as un-necessary guardianships.   Unfortunately there are judges out there who do…

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Renumeration that’s a no show show


From: kenneth ditkowsky
Sent: Apr 5, 2014 9:57 AM
To: Jo Anne M Denison
Cc: NASGA , Tim NASGA , GLORIA SYKES , Ginny Johnson Justice4 Everyone Blog Fan , Janet Phelan , NASGA , probate sharks , Eric Holder , matt senator kirk , Cook County States Attorney , Harry Heckert , j ditkowsky , Chicago Tribune , Bill , “billbrady@senatorbillbrady.com” , “bill@LawlessAmerica.com” , “staterep-constance-a-howard@comcast.net” , “staterep-constance-a-howard@comcast.net” , “ilsenate29@sbcglobal.net” , “StarsMail@FDIC.gov” , “staterep12@aol.com” , “staterepchuck67@aol.com” , “staterepgordon@sbcglobal.net” , “staterepmendoza@gmail.com” , “statereppaul@sbcglobal.net” , “staterepramey55@aol.com” , “ilsenate29@sbcglobal.net” , “statereppaul@sbcglobal.net” , “ilsenate29@sbcglobal.net” , “ilhouse51@sbcglobal.net” , “ilrep49@sbcglobal.net” , “ilsenate20@sbcglobal.net” , “isilverstein@senatedem.ilga.gov”
Subject: Remuneration that does not show up on the record
As you are aware from your independent investigation it is rare that extra=circular remunerations are paid with cash in a white envelope.  I am sure that it is done, but a physical transfer is uncouth!   There is no fun for one of…

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Another Elderly Couple fights the system–this time in Canada!



While the Illinois ARDC is covering up these issues in Illinois, the fires are burning around the world.

See my post on signing a petition for Mary Sykes and please, if you know of a loved one in this predicament, start a petition and let me know.

We need more attorneys and the public blogging about court corruption and not fewer.  We need more people coming out and telling the truth and not fewer.

We need to spread the word that most states have wonderful statutes to protect the elderly and wards BUT THEY ARE NOT BEING USED or taken seriously.  They are clearly ignored when estates are large and cash heavy.

Let’s put justice back in the courtrooms, let us demand that state disciplinary boards discipline attorneys that steal money, neglect cases, do not inform their clients promptly, etc.– but the disciplinary boards must also uphold dearly FREE…

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Sign Gloria’s Petition to Free Mary Sykes now!


From Gloria Sykes
Subject: “Mary G. Sykes: SAVE from Court Sanctioned Guardianship Abuse”
I created a petition to The Illinois State House, The Illinois State Senate, and 4 others which says:
“Stop court sanctioned guardianship abuses of the elderly and disabled perpetrated by a cottage industry of attorneys who under the color of law,  abuse, exploit, and deny senior citizens of their liberty, property, human and civil rights for the miscreants own person financial gain. “
Will you sign this petition? Click here:
Gloria Jean Sykes
Dear Readers;
Gloria has not seen her mother but  a handful of times since June of 2009.  This is the work of a legally appointed guardian and two GAL’s who wrote up the following recent order.
Note how Gloria can’t talk to her mother about ANYTHING!  This is despite the fact the two GAL’s have seen Mary about 2x each in…

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